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Första approximationen (First approximation)

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  • Fylke


  • Område

    Lofoten / Moskenesøya / Bunesstranda

  • Fjell


  • Type


  • Length (m)

    120 m

  • Steepness degrees

    95 degrees

  • Anbefalt sesong


  • Utstyr

    Standard trad rack. A team which wishes to straighten out the line are recommended to bring one or two knife-blade pitons.

  • Norsk grad


Första approximationen (First Approximation), 7+, 130 m, Bunes   To the climbers right of the big gully right of the French Pillar is an attractive overhanging yellow wall capped by many roofs.

Descent: Scramble down along a thin grass ledge across the slabs.  Harder when wet.   First Ascent: Joakim Söderström, Jonas Wiklund, July 27, 2010.

Första approximationen (First approximation)

Första approximationen (First approximation)