Foredrag med Stephen Venables!

På vegne av David Durkan og Mountain People Nepal, inviteres det til fordrag med Stephen Venables flere steder i Norge den nærmeste tida.

David skriver:

«Stephen is one of those ‘unknown’ mountaineers we hear about but rarely meet. He has explored mountain regions all over the world – climbing new routes often on little known mountains – always with just a few friends – never using ‘sherpa’-support (to fix ropes, or carry equipment) nor using bottled-oxygen.

One route stands out (in my opinion):
Everest by the giant  Kangsjung Face – starting at 5.500 moh and rising like 3 Troll Walls on top of each other. This is not just another ‘tale’ of Everest but an ascent that is inspirational – ground breaking – and where the climbers show a respect for the very ‘soul’ of the mountain and to the sport of mountainering.»
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Poster Venables

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