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Added by Tore Røysheim

  • Fylke


  • Område


  • Fjell


  • Type


  • Length (m)

    1p 30m, 2p 30m, 3p 50m

  • Steepness degrees

    90 degress

  • Utstyr

    Short ice screws (max 16cm) long slings

  • Is grad


The ice route is on the west side of Gudbrandsdalen right across Hafjell. It is on the northern part of the cliff over the famous Fakkelmannen. Walk up towards an open field in the forrest close to the top wall of the cliff. We used 1t 45 min on the approach and had a hard time with big boulders covered by snow. We made it with two pitches but recommend to establish a stanch at big three before traversing towards left to reach the ice on the top cliff (we stretched 5m on a 60m rope to reach the 2nd stanch. 2nd stanch in another three on the left from the top pitch. First pitch has limited protection. The traverse is ok protected but a bit awkward. Top pitch is excellent vertical and continues steep ice about 45m. Experienced thin ice so recommend to bring some short ice screws.